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Nothing is Beatleproof

The Beatles

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For fans of The Beatles to post about references.
Welcome to
Nothing is Beatleproof!

In the film Yellow Submarine there is a scene in which the alter ego-man Beatles are trapped in a giant blue glass (must be from Kentucky) fish bowl sort of device. After trying to break it, one of them (have to double check who) exclaims "It's Beatleproof!". John, very matter of factly, replies "Nothing is Beatleproof."

Nothing is Beatleproof. That's our philosophy. Nothing is immune to the music and personalities of The Beatles. Nothing or no one in this world has not been affected or influenced by those four lads from Liverpool.

This community was created so that we, The Beatles fans of LiveJournal, have a specific place to post about Beatles references we see and hear. They could be from anywhere; the newspaper, the television, books, your Math class, anywhere! And they can range from any size, maybe a teacher just saying a song title, or a whole conversation two characters have about them. Anything is welcome!

For example:
Title could be: Arthur!
Body could be: Today I was watching The Tyra Banks show, and they were giving people makeovers. One of the guests was a guy in his mid-30s with really long hair, which Tyra wanted to have cut, but he didn't want to. She suggested "Well, maybe not all of it ... you could have a Beatles thang going on!"

* Posts must contain Beatles references.
* Please put lengthy posts and/or posts with pictures behind a LJ-cut.
* Please warn us if anything in your post could be considered offensive. And at the same time, readers, please don't start any arguments if you disagree with anything. In other words, do not disturb the peace!
* Please tag all posts.

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