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27 September 2010 @ 09:41 am
Mad Men and Shea Stadium  

I was watching "Mad Men" last night and I totally about freaked out!!! LOL   :D   They actually had a storyline I had long wondered about and the main character Don Draper (Jon Hamm) got tickets to take his daughter Sally to see her favorite band The Beatles perform at Shea Stadium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   :D

"Mad Men" uses historical events in the episode as another storyline and a way for us to figure out when the episode takes place.  So this episode of Season 4 "Hand and Knees" took place that week in August leading up to the concert in 1965.   ;)  

The tickets were late and it parralled another storyline about Don and worrying that his huge secret and one of the show's main storylines was going to be found out.  But luckily everything worked out!!!   :D

It was such a cute scene when Sally, whose 10 in the show and in real life, found out and was screaming her head off and her mother Betty (January Jones) looked freaked out and Don had to hold the phone away from his ear!!! LOL   :D   But Sally was overjoyed and just kept thanking her dad. LOL   :D   So in the "Mad Men" universe Don and Sally both were at the Shea Stadium concert.   ;)

And that's not all, at the end up the episode Don got the tickets finally and layed them on his desk and we saw the image of the Fab Four staring back up at him as he looked at them and relief hit about his secret not being exposed and that's when we heard an instrumental version of "Do You Want to Know a Secret" play!!!  :D  The head creator and writer Matt Weiner uses music at the end of each episode to help tell what had just happened and that song was just a PERFECT choice!!!   :D

Also, didn't know if you all know, but Paul actually watches this show and the cast/crew and Matt actually know it.   ;)


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